Museum and Archives of the History of Holon
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26 Leon Blum st., Holon.
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At the beginning of the 1930’s five new neighbourhoods were established at the south of Jaffa, which were later (1940) united into one local council, which is the city of Holon, headed by Dr. Haim Kugel. The early days of the city that rose from between the sands were not easy. Prior to the establishment of the State of Israel and during the War of Independence Holon suffered many harassments from the nearby Arab villages of Tel Arish and Yazor. Following the establishment of the State Holon grew and prospered and was given the status of a city in 1950. The Museum of the History of Holon was established in 1986 at the house of Avraham Herzfeld, one of the heads of the settlement movement in the Land of Israel and member of the first Knesset, who had bequeathed his house to the municipality of Holon for the establishment of a cultural-educational institute at the city.

What’s at the city: a display of the history of Holon, the city that grew from between the sands, the history of its neighbourhoods and population; ancient tools discovered in it, the sands that had covered it, the establishment of the new neighbourhood, the Haganah and War of Independence, immigrant absorption, industry, the Samaritans and an audiovisual presentation.

For the general public: a tour of the city’s historic and heritage sites; a tour of special gardens in the city (gardens with a special story, cactuses, Japanese gardens and more); a sculpture tour of Holon; a tour of the Samaritan neighbourhoods which was established in 1955.

For children: various activities in kindergartens and schools including tours of the city’s neighbourhoods, heritage sites and story gardens. In addition the museum holds social activities, team building, birthday parties and more.