Beit (House of) Avraham Krinizi
Beit Avraham Krinizi is one of the first stone houses built in Ramat Gan. It was erected in 1925 and was the private residence of the Krinizi family. Avraham Krinizi was the head of the local authority...
Beit Ha'ir (Town Hall) – Tel Aviv
At the renewed Bialik Center, next to the Bialik House, stands one of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful and impressive houses – the Town Hall, which serves as a museum for Tel Aviv urban culture. It...
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Beit Rishonim (Founders' House) - Herzliya Museum
In November 1924 the first settlers went onto the ground and built the first barracks of the moshava of Herzliya, named after the visionary of the Jewish state, Benjamin Ze'ev Herzl. In April 1960 Herzliya...
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Ben-Gurion House – Tel Aviv
This is the house of Paula and David Ben-Gurion, which they bequeathed to the State of Israel. It was built in the years 1929-1939 at Tel-Aviv’s first labourer neighbourhood and served as the couple’s...
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Bialik House – Tel Aviv
The house of the national poet, Haim Nahman Bialik, one of Tel Aviv’s most authentic and beautiful houses.The castle like house was built in 1924, upon Bialik’s arrival at the Land of Israel...

Collection Houses Museum of the History of the IDF
The museum lays between the Neve Tzedek neighbourhood and the sea, at the site the historic Jaffa railway station, which operated since 1892 until the War of Independence. The museum is a unique site, which is full of experiences and tells the story of the military history of the State of Israel...
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At the corner of Herzl and Lilenblum streets stands “HerzLilenblum”- a museum of banking and Tel Aviv nostalgia. It is located at the 100-year-old Schiff House, one of Tel Aviv’s first...

Hosmasa – The Haganah Memorial Museum – Holon
Built in 1934 over a well and set in sand dunes, Hosmasa- a Bauhaus styled building, served as a secret training base for the underground organization "Haganah" members from Holon and area, prior to the...
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Independence Hall
Here, at this house, at the end of Rothschild Blvd., at the heart of Little Tel Aviv, David Ben-Gurion declared on the 5th of the month of Iyar, 14th may 1948, the establishment of the State of Israel....

Jabotinsky Museum
Ze’ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky (1880-1940) was a pioneering Zionist leader, statesman, speaker, journalist, writer, poet and translator, who was endowed with a warm and moral personality, which managed...
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