Hosmasa – The Haganah Memorial Museum – Holon
Opening hours:
by advance booking
Guided tour in:
Hebrew, English, Russian
53 David Elazar st., Holon
Hosmasa Museum
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Built in 1934 over a well and set in sand dunes, Hosmasa- a Bauhaus styled building, served as a secret training base for the underground organization "Haganah" members from Holon and area, prior to the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.

What's at the site: An interactive exhibition and tour allows visitors to experience a secretive atmosphere, learn about the "Haganah", battle training and life in Holon before and during the war of independence.

For the general public: tour of the Hosmasa museum and garden, audio-visual presentation about the site. Extended tour may include additional historic sites, sculptor and story gardens.

For children: active search of "Sliks"- hiding places, experiencing  old communications methods such as Morse code and Semaphore, training games.

Visiting the museum: by registration only. Check website or Facebook for date and time of Holidays activities.

53rd David Elazar St. Holon, 03-5050425, Museum@holonet.org.il