Beit (House of) Avraham Krinizi
Opening hours:
Sunday-Thursday 08:00-13:00,
Tuesday 08:00-17:00
Guided tour in:
Hebrew, Arabic, English

64 Krinizi st., Ramat Gan.
Beit Avraham Krinizi
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Beit Avraham Krinizi is one of the first stone houses built in Ramat Gan. It was erected in 1925 and was the private residence of the Krinizi family. Avraham Krinizi was the head of the local authority (council and municipality) for 43 years. In his will he bequeathed his house to the municipality to be used for “cultural public purposes”. Today the house serves as a museum and archive of the history of Ramat Gan.

What’s at the site: a permanent exhibition on Ramat Gan’s history; altering exhibitions on city and state related subjects; the pioneers’ barracks, reconstructing the life of the pioneers; films combined with original footage; classes and an auditorium equipped with teaching aids; a historic archive and a visual documentation center.

For the general public: the site employs a trained and professional guiding staff, offering activities for the general public on holidays and vacations by advance booking. In addition walking tours are offered to hidden corners at the city center. Pupils, students and the general public may consult the archive for various researches.

For children: experiential guidance programs dealing with the story of the foundation of Ramat Gan as a “Garden City” till its transformation into a central city of our time. Unique activities such as: end of the year parties, birthdays and activities for parents and children.